Preaching Violence

Eric Holder, the former United States Attorney General under Obama, is ratcheting up the incendiary speech when he told a crowd, “When they (Republicans) go low, kick them.”  I would not expect the former nation’s “top cop” to be making such a statement.  This just demonstrates how desperate the Democrats have gotten.  Just a few days earlier Hillary Clinton stated that civility would only return when the Dems had regained Congress.  This may simply be a misguided attempt to motivate Democratic voters to participate in the midterm elections.  There are individuals however, who will take such messages literally and attack conservative voters or those who support President Trump.  We have already witnessed situations in restaurants where members of the Administration and Senate are harassed and forced to leave.  What begins as verbal insults can quickly escalate into physical assault.  The level of antagonism and outright hostility between parties has gotten out of hand and someone is likely to be seriously hurt.  Witness the shooting that took place at the Republican baseball practice.  Regardless of the party “label”, the goal should not be a “power grab” and forcing your will on Americans.  Regardless if you are the President, a member of Congress or a judge in the judiciary, we should all be striving to be good custodians of the Constitution and the American people.  Those on the Left preaching violence should be ashamed of themselves and should be held responsible when someone is injured.  The terrible rioting that occurred after the Rodney King verdict left us with a quote from the victim himself that should guide our behavior, “Can’t we all just get along?”

The future of our nation is at stake.  I’m not referring to which party will maintain control of Congress, the White House or the Supreme Court.  Our future hangs in the balance if we can’t put aside party affiliation, race, sex or wealth and become Americans first.  Military service is the ultimate example of teamwork at its best.  You have members from all parts of the nation with different physical characteristics and economic status working together toward a common goal.  Differences are put aside for the good of the mission.  Civilians could learn something from our armed services and put their egos on hold for the good of all.  Our enemies prey on weakness, and our divisiveness is viewed as weakness by others.  Healthy debate is good, but dismissing the opposition when you don’t agree is harmful  Some of our greatest leaders could take advice from others and be willing to compromise.  Each of us should be willing to listen and not “kick” those we disagree with us.

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