Obstruction on Steroids

The Democrats have taken resistance and obstruction to a new level.  The Kavanaugh hearings were an example of the lengths to which the Dems will go in their attempt to block everything this President attempts to accomplish.  If the Democrats gain control of the House (which they are convinced will happen) we will see one investigation after another of President Trump and his family.  The Dems will also launch investigations into Brett Kavanaugh’s background and will move to impeach both Kavanaugh and President Trump.  Countless hours and taxpayer money will be wasted in their obsession to destroy this President and anyone associated with him.  As a result of this misguided attention on investigations and impeachment efforts, no meaningful legislation will be passed.  Tax reform 2.0 will die from neglect and efforts to repeal the existing tax cuts will be initiated.  The Dems are the party of tax and spend; they will not only take away the beneficial increases that workers saw with the Tax Reform Act passed last year.  There is an old saying, “If you don’t learn from the past, you are bound to repeat it.”  The Dems have learned nothing from the anemic economy under Obama where spending went uncontrolled and both workers and companies were “bled to death” by a heavy tax burden.  Businesses and money left for lower-tax (and lower wage) countries.  President Trump originally wanted a 15% corporate tax rate so we could be the lowest corporate tax nation.   Even though he was unable to convince Congress of that possibility, the new lower corporate tax rate under tax reform led to companies (and jobs) returning to the U.S.  It has also resulted in overseas money being repatriated back to America.  The Dems are determined to destroy an agenda that has resulted in the greatest economic growth since Ronald Reagan.

This is the most important midterm election that I can recall.  We can either continue with a booming economy or we can return to high taxes and low GDP.  I watch the political adds on television and the Dems have no shame in distorting a politician’s record while ignoring the inconsistencies of their own candidate’s record (if they have a record).  The money supply for Democratic candidates is bottomless with Hollywood stars, Silicon Valley executives and Ivy League professors pouring money into their campaigns.  We the people have to come out and support conservative Republicans as we did in 2016.  The future of our country is at stake.  We can either continue to prosper or we can return to the recessionary policies of the Dems.  The victory will go to the team that works the hardest to get out the vote.

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