Pocahontas Revealed

Senator Elizabeth Warren in an attempt to quiet President Trump finally took a DNA test.  She has claimed a Native American heritage and even lists herself as a “minority.”  She is not a minority, but rather a MAJORITY of the dishonest Washington crowd who lie, cheat and steal to get what they want.  We not only discovered that she has less than 1/1000th of Indian blood in her, but the folks who conducted the test can’t even verify if it is North American or Central/South American Indian.  How convenient that she used her supposedly Native American blood to obtain a position as a faculty member in the Harvard Law School.  It turns out that the average white European has a greater percentage of Native American blood than Senator Warren.  Apparently the Senator was going to use her DNA test results to appeal to Native American voters when she runs for the presidency in 2020.  The joke is on her because the Secretary of State of the Cherokee Nation has denounced her attempts to claim Native American status.  So much for winning that block of voters.  The fact is that anyone with a functioning cerebral cortex has to support this President and his agenda.  He has stimulated the economy to the extent that we have the lowest unemployment among all classes of minorities and of women as well.  The Dems in general have a difficult time with the truth.  They apparently believe average voters can’t see what is going on and will blindly believe what they are told by our “leaders.”  Now Pocahontas wants President Trump to donate one million dollars to her favorite charity over the bet Trump made that she lacked Native American heritage.  I think the President should be tested to see if he actually has more Native American blood than she does!

I think the Senator just blew up her chances at a 2020 nomination with her deceitful charade.  Her own party has been critical of her antics because it is diverting attention away from the important midterm elections.   The polls are still indicating a slight edge of a “generic” Democrat over a similar Republican.  I don’t trust polls and I most candidates would not like being called “generic.”  Elections are won or lost at the ballot box and midterm elections are determined by voter turnout.  Many Independents (along with all Republicans) are seething over the Dem tactics used against Justice Kavanaugh.  We are still a largely Christian nation that believes in right and wrong.  Justice Kavanaugh was treated wrongly and this is the opportunity for Republicans to show their distain.  I am hopeful we will see a repeat of the 2016 election.  Ground Hog Day is 3 weeks away!

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