Predictable Behavior

First it was Maxine Waters, then Hillary Clinton and finally former Attorney General Eric Holder calling for confrontation and violence against Republicans.  We have enough “marginal” personalities in our society that given a suggestion by prominent figures, people may feel compelled to act on such suggestions.  There is an old expression, “All is fair in love and war.”  I’m afraid that the Dems believe political contests are the equivalent of war.  We have now seen several incidents of Republican candidates and members of their campaigns physically assaulted.  Is anyone surprised?  Encouraging confrontation will not result in a good outcome.  The media is complicit in this escalation since they continually portray Republicans and conservatives as evil.  For instance the Dems and their allies in the media push the idea that Republicans are against “pre-existing” conditions and cost-effective healthcare.  Conservatives are opposed to government-run or single-payer healthcare.  Rather than enhancing efficiency, such a system does the opposite.  It stifles innovation and will create a bureaucracy that is the antithesis of efficiency.  By declaring that Republicans oppose “healthcare for all” they are suggesting that Republican candidates are “evil.”  It is easy to justify violence directed against an evil person.  The Democrats like to say they are the “pro-choice” party but doesn’t the fetus get a choice to enjoy “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?”  By taking a pro-life stand, Republicans are then accused of being sexist and opposed to women’s rights..  The Dems use abortion as the litmus test between good and evil.

If we allow our political process to be overtaken by mob rule and mob violence, we are no better than a third world dictatorship.  The Dems have turned to violence because there is a real chance that many long-time Representatives and Senators risk losing a seat they have enjoyed for many years.  Establishment politicians have a  corrupt system of special benefits, and influence-peddling payoffs from lobbyists and special interest groups.  They will literally do ANYTHING to keep from losing that position of privilege and power.  If someone (such as Steve Scalise) is killed in the process, so be it.  Remember that freedom of speech comes with a responsibility to use that freedom appropriately.  Stop preaching violence and start preaching the proper way to remove illegitimate politicians.  Register and vote, a freedom those in uniform fought (and died) for.  Alec Baldwin said that it is time we overthrow the government; his ideas are right but his methods are wrong.  There is a non-violent way to accomplish that, it is through the ballot box.  Only egos are injured when revolutions are done in that manner.

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