Collateral Damage

Nancy Pelosi is the latest Democrat politician to condone violence against Republican candidates and voters.  Her latest comments seemed to suggest that hurting others was simply standard operating procedure.  The statement she made said that if someone was injured in the process of taking control of government, then it was “collateral damage.”  Sounds very similar to what Hillary Clinton said a few days ago.  The Dems policy is straight forward, take over government by force.  What began as resistance to a president and party (who beat them in the general election) has escalated to encompass physical violence.  Nowhere have I heard any apologies for what has already been said or attempts to calm the ongoing fiery rhetoric from ANY Democrat.  If anything they are falling into line with a theme “violence is the new norm.”  I have listened to many of the guilty parties blaming President Trump and his tough talk.  These same people who point to Trump apparently don’t listen to the CNN or MSNBCs political pundits who attack the President with all sorts of foul language and violent threats.  If the Dems are looking for someone who “started this” fight, they need to look within their own party.  Joe Biden threatened to take candidate Trump behind the gym and “beat him up?”  Joe Biden couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag!  It’s obvious that since the Dems have nothing else to run on, they think they can win though violence and intimidation.  I believe such tactics are actually going to backfire on the Democrats.  Are we the beacon of freedom throughout the world or are we simply another third world country that governs by force?

How can we expect to attract qualified, dedicated people to political office when they must travel with a heavy security force to insulate them from assault.  The Dems have become a party of thugs ruled by mob force.  I suppose that their new focus on violence should serve as no surprise.  Nearly every socialist country eventually falls into anarchy and violence; the Dems are simply getting a head start.  President Trump’s new stump line is really appropriate, “the Democrats create mobs, Republicans create jobs.”  I have said it before and the message is more appropriate than ever, “great civilizations are destroyed from within.”  Polls still indicate that the generic Republican candidate is behind vs the generic Democrat candidate.  Polls are notoriously inaccurate, particularly when you face violent backlash if you say you are a Republican.  This is a critical Congressional election where we can choose to move forward with a booming economy, a strong military and secure borders or choose to become a socialist nation infiltrated with drugs and criminal illegals that threaten the safety of everyone.

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