Caravan Chaos

I thought that I had heard everything, but now the gullible media is slamming the President over an impromptu caravan of migrants from Central America.  Does the media really believe ALL these thousands of people are running from poverty and violence?  And isn’t the timing just a little suspicious?  People have witnessed money being handed to the migrants although the media blasts President Trump when he suggests the possibility that someone is funding the march.  Estimates are that this migrant caravan that was initially believed to number several thousand is now estimated to be in the range of 7,000 strong.  The ability to gather and organize that many people takes a great deal of administrative skill and money.  Not only are these migrants well-organized but how are they logistically being housed and fed during the trek to America.  Is any intelligent individual fooled as to the motive and goal of this group?  Asylum seekers are required to ask for asylum in the nearest “safe” country they enter.  Mexico is cooperating and offering asylum but the vast majority are hell-bent on reaching the U.S.  Our ridiculous immigration laws can only hold those who enter illegally for 20 days and then release them for some future court date.  Roughly 1% show up for their court date and perhaps that is an overestimate.  Some of those wishing to reach the U.S. are able-bodied men with families who will find work that is beneficial to themselves and our economy.  Others will live off the welfare system and utilize taxpayer-funded schools and healthcare facilities.  The greatest fear is who may be hiding within the caravan.  It would be wishful thinking to believe that there are no gang members or terrorists imbedded within the caravan.  This could be a trojan horse permitting the infiltration of countless harmful persons.  Thousands of individuals marching on our border is comparable to an invading army and we need to approach it with considerable concern.

It may be difficult to determine how this caravan began but certainly the timing is suspect.  Since President Trump was elected the Democrats have done everything in their power to undermine his presidency.  This could be the latest move in the “resistance” movement.  If that is the origin of the caravan, the Dems are playing a dangerous game.  The security of our nation is at stake.  Pyromaniacs are occasionally consumed by their own evil acts.  Let’s hope that Mexico can halt the caravan or at least shrink its numbers.  If allowed to continue, this will be the first of many caravans.  Congress needs to do its job.  Immigration is not a Democrat or Republican issue but an American issue.  We must have control over who enters our country or we will cease to be a country.

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