The Big Lie

Most voter polls have indicated that healthcare is a top concern in the upcoming midterm elections.  The Democrats are spreading a false narrative that Republicans want to remove “pre-existing conditions” from insurers that would permit them from excluding those with “high-risk” medical illnesses.  To my knowledge, this is a complete lie; I have not heard a single Republican candidate make such a suggestion.  Ronna McDaniel, the Republican National Committee chairperson stated this morning that this  message is false.  The Democrats are attempting to create fear among those with medical conditions and the elderly.  Apparently the Dems are saying that Republicans also wish to end Medicare and Social Security.  This could not be further from the truth.  Candidate Donald Trump defended Social Security and said on many occasions he would not tough Social Security.  Even the Dems must admit that President is keeping his promises.  The Democrats are the ones talking of a “Medicare for all” system that would eliminate Medicare as it currently exists.  The Democrats want a socialism-type of healthcare in which everyone is under a government system.  That would truly be a disaster because private insurers would do a better job of delivering timely, high-quality healthcare.  The Republicans wanted to eliminate Obamacare because it WAS a disaster with all encompassing policies that insisted nuns have maternity coverage.  Health insurance should be like buying auto insurance where you pick the coverage for your particular needs.  A “one-size fits all” approach was costly and improbable.  Without huge government subsidies, Obamacare would have died of natural causes.  We need more competition in the health insurance field and private insurers need to be able to provide coverage across state lines.  Under Obamacare many states were left without coverage because companies abandoned their state.

The Republicans care as much, if not more, about healthcare as the Dems. The Democrats have nothing to run on so they must make up lies about Republican positions.  Don’t be fooled; our nation is in deep trouble if the Dems win one or more branches of Congress.  The growing economy will grind to a halt as the Dems push for higher taxes and our borders will be open to every refugee from around the world.  Crime will increase like the models created by Democratic mayors of some of our biggest cities.  The Dems will launch countless investigations into Republicans and Kavanaugh and Trump will be impeached.  There are dark days ahead if the Resistance Movement is given control of the legislature.  The choice is clear, continue moving forward or reverse course and return to low economic growth and higher taxes.  America will look more like Venezuela if the Dems gain control.  Brace yourself!

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