Enemy of the State

Don Lemon declared on national television that the biggest terror threat in this nation is the white male.  Despite such a racist remark, Mr. Lemon (an African-American) still has his job and there was no national uproar.  Had this been reversed (white man declaring black males to be a societal threat) the PC police and the media would have gone ballistic!  This would have been the top news story for weeks.  Apparently it is open season on white males especially if you happen to be a white conservative male.   Mr. Lemon was trying to make a point that most of these mass shootings have been by white males.  White males still make up a large proportion of the population and from that standpoint alone are more likely to be responsible for any shootings.  None of these acts are to be condoned, but much of our police force and military members are white males.  Are all these white men with weapons terror threats?  I would declare that mental illness is the greatest terror threat to our society.  Many of those who suffer from mental illness are inadequately treated or not treated at all.  In nearly every mass shooting we had someone who had a psychiatric issue and some had even been treated for mental illness sometime in their past.  It is wrong to make broad assumptions and then state them on national television.  Is Mr. Lemon ignoring all the black on black shootings that take place on a daily basis in our inner cities?  Does he not also consider inner city gangs a terror threat as well?  Where is his social conscience when it comes to those senseless killings?  It was white men who wrote the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  It was white Republican conservatives that abolished slavery and fought to end the KKK and Jim Crow laws.  It is no more right to assume white men are dangerous than to assume that black men are drug dealers.

As a white male I feel that we are persecuted and blamed for every ill in our country.  I never received any special treatment as a white male and have worked hard all my life.  I paid for my education and have worked two and three jobs at a time to be moderately successful.  I have asked for (and received) no special favors except a chance to prove my abilities.  White men are not enemies of the state but I sometimes feel we are treated as such.  I don’t approve racism of any kind and I wish everyone could be judged by how they treat others rather than by the color of their skin.  Remember that blood donors and organ donors are not segregated by skin color.  We are all humans and the only thing that divides us are the barriers imposed by our own biases.

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