Time is Up

Time is up and the big day is tomorrow.  I can honestly say that I’m ready to see an end to all the political ads.  Whatever happened to saying why you are running for office and what you will do to improve things for your constituents?  The majority of ads that I’ve seen are negative in nature, stating why the opponent is bad and reasons that you should not vote for that individual.  There is very little focus on how a candidate will make everyone’s life better.  We are immensely divided as a society today and I do blame the media for creating much of that division.  The media is the ultimate purveyor of negativity in their reporting.  It is any wonder that depression is so widespread and people are turning to alcohol and drugs to escape negative news.  For the first time that I can recall, the Republican candidate for Governor in Tennessee, Bill Lee, has run a completely positive campaign.  He even called his Democratic opponent “an honorable man” who has an admirable record of public service.  I pray that Bill Lee is elected Governor to demonstrate that you don’t need to “go low” to win an election.  On a national level, this is a critical election.  The tremendous accomplishments of the past two years will stall and could even back peddle under a Democratically controlled Congress.  There is little likelihood that the Dems will win the majority in the Senate, but if they win control of the House, considerable damage will be done.  The House controls the budget and you can bet THE WALL will not be funded and neither will our military.  We only need to see the recent “close encounter” with a Chinese destroyer in the South China Sea to realize the threats we face worldwide.  We need to approach Russia, China, Iran and North Korea from a position of military strength.  Peace through strength is a fact, not a slogan.

Budgets aside, the House has promised a series of investigations and impeachment proceedings against the President and Justice Kavanaugh.  Under a Democratically controlled House, NOTHING will be passed with respect to healthcare, immigration or any other important issue facing the nation.  Gridlock and resistance is the Democrats only strategic tactic.  I don’t understand how Democratic candidates can be close in ANY race when you look at what the Dems have done  (or failed to do).  The dramatic rise in the economy and wages and equally dramatic decrease in unemployment occurred DESPITE Democratic opposition.  Instead of offering minorities welfare, the Republicans have provide workfare to those who needed it most.  Use your head and vote for all the good that has taken place the past two years.  You may dislike President Trump but you must like the manufacturing and mining jobs that have returned to America.  Follow the example of Tennessean Bill Lee and emphasize the positive not the negative.

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