The New Left

The liberal Left has been hijacked by the radical (and violent) group Antifa.  Although liberals have always championed themselves as tolerant of others, the real truth is far quite the opposite.  The latest example of their “true colors” is the radical Leftist Antifa attack on Tucker Carlson’s home.  Carlson was at work and his wife was confronted with a group of approximately fifteen individuals dressed in black and presumably wearing masks.   These were not demonstrators but thugs who were intent on terrorizing and intimidating Carlson and his family.  Apparently they tried to force open the front door and then vandalized the yard, including painting a red “A” on the driveway.  Ironic when this group claims to be “anti-fascist” yet they do precisely what the Nazis did before and during WWII.  The Nazis terrorized and brutalized the Jewish people, stealing their property and painting a Star of David on Jewish properties.  These activities are frighteningly similar and EVERYONE should be alarmed by this behavior.  I would think the FBI or Homeland Security should investigate this group and determine who is funding them.  If George Soros or some other foolish liberal thinks this is acceptable in a free society, then he/she is sadly mistaken.  I have seen NUMEROUS Democrats refer to President Trump as acting like a dictator.  The type of activity undertaken by Antifa is what you typically see in a dictatorship, violent behavior by people hiding their identity.  If Democrats condone this behavior, then they (and their followers) are the real dictators.  I have not heard a single prominent Democrat decry or condemn this group and their actions.

Attempts to rule by fear and intimidation will not succeed in America.  Often these actions backfire and result in peace-loving individuals rejecting anyone associated with such violence.  There are individuals who not only refuse to be intimidated, but will fight back.  If they attempt to break through the wrong front door, they may find themselves on the wrong side of a 12 gauge shotgun.  Much to his credit, Tucker will continue with his critique of political nonsense.  I have seen his show many times and he “invites” opposing views so that his audience may compare and contrast what the opposition believes.  Mr. Carlson is not a political hack; he offers an opportunity for his Leftist guests to expose their philosophy, which is often in stark contrast to mainstream America.  Fox is the most balanced of any of the major news or cable outlets.  My message to Antifa is this:  Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.”

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