Free Speech

CNN is filing a lawsuit against the Trump Administration for revoking the press credentials of Jim Acosta, a presumptuous, egotistical journalist.  Acosta is an unapologetic member of the Trump Resistance Movement who is always adversarial in his questioning of the President, Press Secretary or any other member of the Administration.  CNN has published numerous reports before they were substantiated simply because they presented the President in a negative light.  Acosta has remained focused on the Mueller investigation and believes our President to be guilty of collusion.  He was leader of the pack when it was widely believed the Manafort and Page plea bargains would expose Trump/Russia collusion.  The President correctly boasted he didn’t require any Russian help (or other country) to defeat Hillary.  Hillary is the one guilty of collusion but she will never be charged.  The Dems are expert at creating diversions and too many RINOs won’t pursue her.  I don’t condone crimes by either political party, but overlooking crimes committed by the Dems is a disgrace to our democratic system of justice.  CNN is claiming that removal of Acosta’s press credentials is depriving him of his free speech.  That is hardly the case because Mr. Acosta is ALWAYS in front of cameras seeking constant attention.  All of our Bill of Rights freedoms carry with them the responsibility to use them appropriately.  The right to bear arms doesn’t mean we can use them to intimidate our opponents.  Freedom of speech requires similar responsibilities.  Politicians and journalists seem to believe that freedom of speech grants them the right to falsely accuse someone (often unjustly) in the name of “right to know.”

In a free society the press is supposed to be a check on the government and report FACTS.  Without an objective press those in power can mislead the public permitting them to hide and legitimize their activities out of public view.  The key to a free press however is their responsibility to factually report events without injecting political bias.  CNN and Mr. Acosta are unapologetically biased and not completely objective.  They do not recant false allegations and misstatements when called out for their mistakes.  When 90% of their “reporting” is negative, CNN is obviously not objective.  Much of their reporting is incomplete and many times dishonest.  They are not news reporters but political commentators.  The President is justified in calling them fake and his base feels similarly.  Press credentials should be reserved for the type of journalist envisioned by our founding fathers.  If Mr. Acosta can’t behave like a true, objective journalist, he doesn’t deserve to be in the White House Press Corps.

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