Liar, Liar

The Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman has denied ordering the killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi despite our intelligence suggesting otherwise.  Near universal outrage from Democratic lawmakers have called for harsh punishment of the Prince and the cancelling of an arms deal worth billions of dollars with the Saudi Government.  The Dems have been joined by many of their Republican counterparts in calling for action against Prince MBS.  This reaction appears a bit sanctimonious under the circumstances.  President Obama secretly gave a billion dollars to the Iranians who have suppressed their own people and routinely torture and jail political and religious enemies.  Syrian President Assad bombs civilians and does not hesitate to use heinous chemical weapons on women and children.  Why are we suddenly up in arms over a single death?  Perhaps the media has made such an issue of this murder because this was a member of the press.  Why did the Turks insist that the marriage license needed to be done in the Turkish Embassy and how convenient that the Turks recorded the entire incident.  It appears to me this could have been a setup by the Turkish Government to divert attention away from their own immoral behavior.  It is unfair to criticize the Saudis when a NATO ally is guilty of torture and murder of political enemies.  I’m sure that thousands were slaughtered by the Turkish President Erdogan following the failed military coup to overthrow his rule.  The Turks (as other Middle Eastern nations) are not saints and if we are to sanction the Saudi Government then we must also sanction nearly every Middle Eastern country.  Keep in mind limbs are amputated for stealing, women are stoned for adultery and gays are thrown off buildings in the Arab system of justice.

I seriously doubt that our moral indignation will change behavior in that part of the world.  The Crown Prince may be lying when he says that he didn’t order the murder of Khashoggi, but the Prince doesn’t have a monopoly on lying.  The queen of liars was a candidate for our own presidency.  The previous Director of the FBI, CIA and Intelligence Agencies were all proven to be liars.  If we are to condemn the Crown Prince then we should also be condemning those within our own government.  I agree with President Trump that it isn’t appropriate to cancel our arms deal with the Saudi Government.  China and Russia would rapidly fill the void from our absence and we would lose a valuable ally.  Next to Israel and Jordan, Saudi Arabia is one of our few allies in the region.  The President needs to stand firm against all the Congressional cowards who feel pressure from the liberal media to act impulsively.  We are not the world’s moral compass and can’t judge everyone by our standards.  Khashoggi’s death was tragic but then that seems to be the law of the Middle East jungle.

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