Shutdown Showdown

The White House meeting yesterday between the President, Senator Schumer, Representative Pelosi and Vice-President Pence was strategically staged by the President.  The President knows that when the media is allowed to report a story, he (President) is always made out to be the villan.  By opening the discussion to the press and public, the President wants everyone to see that he (Trump) is truly concerned with national security whereas Schumer and Pelosi are interested in their Washington power hierarchy and political gamesmanship.  Pelosi commented that the President already had the votes for a wall.  If that were the case the wall would be fully funded by now.  Not a single Democrat in either the House or Senate will EVER vote for wall funding and there are too many spineless Republicans to back the President even though he is right.  By allowing the public to hear this discussion, the President is wisely placing blame for many evils at the feet of Schumer & Associates.  There is so much hatred for this President that the Dems will break every law of common sense rather than give President Trump his “wall.”  The President has asked for $5 billion in this year’s budget for the wall when:  Illegals cost the U.S. $160 billion in 2018, Chinese fentanyl and opiates are pouring across our border and killing our citizens, overdose admissions and deaths are driving up medical expenses, illegals are dying in dangerous attempts to illegally enter the country.    How much more is this costing our nation in health care costs, security costs and human cost than a simple $5 billion?

Chuck Schumer had to say that “experts” believe a wall is not the best way to attain border security.  I believe it is one of the best and apparently I am not alone.  Our early frontier towns were surrounded by walls, Medieval cities were protected by walls, and today the Vatican, Israel and other nations are protected by walls.  I guess a lot of us just never learn!  I’ve heard the Schumer statement before but never a good explanation as to why a wall is ineffective.  It won’t stop a modern military, but then we are not dealing with a modern military.  Better monitoring will not prevent border crossings and will certainly not stop drug and human trafficking.  If walls are ineffective, then why is Mexico vowing to reinforce their own southern border wall?  The President was right to draw his red line with the border wall.  We will NEVER get enough funding for a border wall without a reliable shutdown threat.  The Dems have learned by now that the President means what he says and says what he means.  According to an expert on Fox Business Network this morning, during the previous 3 government shutdowns (although brief) the stock market rose.  What does this tell you??  Our government accomplishes more when it is shut down than when it is working!

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