Shutdown Hysteria

The Federal Government is once again in crisis mode as we enter into yet another “shutdown.”  Of course our government and country does not literally stop running, perhaps that would be a blessing if it actually did stop.  Only the most naïve individual would believe that this is nothing less than politics as usual in Washington, D.C. where each party tries to make the other party look bad and win points (and votes) with the electorate.  A little over 10 years ago Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama and Diane Feinstein voted for border security (including a barrier) but now are suddenly opposed to the same.  The only explanation is politics and the fact they hate our current president.  President Trump said he was willing to accept responsibility for the shutdown but now says it is a Democratic shutdown.  I believe the wall is not the entire solution to border security, but in some areas it is the perfect solution to inhibit illegal border crossings.  The $5 billion requested by the President is a literal “drop in the federal bucket.”  We have just agreed to send much more than that to Central American countries to help their economies in an attempt to stop migration.  So both sides can’t compromise enough to prevent what the media will portray as a minor catastrophe.  Government shutdowns are a political stunt.  Nothing of importance is ever impaired by a shutdown.

The military, social security, TSA and other critical government functions have been funded.  In fact a shutdown will only affect about 25% of the government.  Some will not be paid immediately, but everyone will be paid.  No one should be living paycheck to paycheck, and I have yet to see a shutdown last more than several weeks.  To those who are furloughed I say “Congratulations.”  People who are furloughed are never charged against any of their accumulated leave time and still receive all back pay.  Those who should be made to “suffer” in a government shutdown is Congress.  It was their responsibility to pass a budget and their failure should not be rewarded.  Congress has their own healthcare, own retirement (after just 10 years), and many other benefits not available to the average person.  You could probably count on one hand the number of Congressional members who don’t leave Washington as millionaires.  There is something wrong with a government that can’t do its work, yet is paid handsomely and takes more days off than Carter has pills!

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