Delusional Democrats

The “partial” government shutdown is entering its 4th week with no end in site.  The delusional Democrats represented by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are unwilling to give an inch to the President for a border wall (or fence).  Border agents, the people facing the wave of illegals are pleading for a wall.  In the areas where walls/fences have been constructed illegal crossings have decreased dramatically.  This is not simply an issue of migrants wishing to enter our country, we are being flooded with opiates, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana as well as human trafficking.  At least one-third of women coming to the border have been sexually assaulted by coyotes or members of the drug cartel.  Members of these caravans are being attacked and killed by gangs and cartel members.  By not getting tough we are only encouraging more abuse of women and children and setting ourselves up for an even greater number of drug overdose deaths.  We lose more people to drug overdose each year than we lost in the entire Vietnam War.  How can the Democrats say this is a “manufactured crisis.”  I honestly believe that we could reason with Senator Schumer but it is Congresswoman Pelosi who is the power broker.  Since the Dems won the House Nancy is on steroids and believing that she is omnipotent.  The President made a calm, factual plea to the electorate about the number of criminals and drugs being seized at the ports of entry.  How much is entering through areas that lack any type of barrier to inhibit the free flow of criminal activity?  The same Democrats who voted in favor of fencing and border security in the past are suddenly calling it immoral because Donald Trump is our President.  Those now opposing common sense border security have blood on their hands.

Walls have worked for centuries and are continuing to be built today.  Israel, a nation fighting for survival, built a wall that reduced terrorist attacks.  Numerous countries have built walls to define their borders and protect their citizens from terrorists and other criminal activity.  The holiest of cities, the Vatican, is surrounded by a wall.  If walls are immoral as Nancy Pelosi proposes, then the Pope has sinned big time!  Nancy should be confessing her sins as well because her huge mansion is surrounded by a wall and big time security.  The Dems are delusional hypocrites.  I am sympathetic to those government employees not receiving their pay while Congress continues to get paid for not doing their job.  Perhaps the government could find a way to advance them money (by stopping Congressional pay?)  If the Dems continue to refuse any movement on the wall, I’m good with keeping the shutdown in place until Hell freezes over.

2 thoughts on “Delusional Democrats”

  1. Hey Warren,

    Just thought I’d check in on you to see how you’re doing! Haven’t seen you at AF in awhile… hope everything is going good for you!

    I’m enjoying your blogs… not getting the real story on the major news network (LOL!). See to see you soon!


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