Bad Optics

The Government shutdown continues to drag on and although Nancy Pelosi and the Dems think they are winning on this issue with the American voters, the recent behavior of Democratic politicians tells a different story.  While the President and his staff has remained in Washington (and accessible to potential negotiations) Democrats have gone on “vacations” to Hawaii and Puerto Rico.  The optics of Senator Menendez shirtless at a resort while Coast Guard families are lining up at food banks was not good for the Dems.  The advocacy arm of the Democratic Party (known as the major media) praised Nancy Pelosi when she told the President to postpone his State of the Union speech before the Congress.  Citing security concerns during the shutdown, Pelosi apparently believed that such a move would make her appear more powerful than the President since she was dictating what was appropriate behavior for the President.  The media was quick to call her move bold yet that same media ridiculed the President when he cancelling Pelosi’s use of military aircraft for a 7-day trip to the Middle East and Afghanistan.  Pelosi and other Dems have no business leaving the country when there are important matters that need to be addressed here at home.  Those not receiving paychecks should rightfully be upset by the Democrats behavior.  Unable to fly at taxpayer expense, Pelosi none-the-less still avoided solving the shutdown mess and left the country on a commercial flight.  The President is the one who has made concessions and remained in Washington while Democrats have acted indifferent to the plight of federal employees.  It should be clear to everyone that the Democrats are no longer the party of the people, but the party of the privileged (themselves).

While the media delighted in accusing the President of childish behavior, Trump’s actions toward Pelosi were brilliant.  Emboldened by the majority in the House, Pelosi suddenly thinks she is omnipotent and does not need to compromise on anything.  Her intransigence, however is going to cost her within her own party and within the nation.  If we actually had a media that reported news in a factual manner, the nation would be outraged by the behavior of the Speaker and the Democrats in general.  It is about time the grownups in the room stood up and took charge.

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