The Winner Is. . .

The longest federal government shutdown has come to an end and predictably the liberal fake news media is declaring Nancy Pelosi the “winner” and the President as politically emasculated and unpopular.  The key to every unscrupulous government is to control the media.  The Democrats have controlled the media for decades and have used unscrupulous principles to gain power and indoctrinate the masses.  It is George Orwell’s 1984 with the Democrats controlling the FBI, the media and the courts.   The “wall” and our President are unpopular in polls because Trump and his policies are constantly berated and criticized by every news source but one.  The more you hear the “party line” the more you begin to buy it.  I’m also skeptical of the “so-called” polls conducted (usually by major media outlets) indicating low approval rating of the President and blaming him for the government shutdown.  I wonder who is selected for these polls?  How are the questions asked?  In the 2016 election polls predicted a Clinton win, simply because people would not admit to pollsters how they really felt.  I wish they would call me, I’d give them an “ear full.”  Fly over states still share the same values and desires as our current president.  President Trump needs to leave the swamp and re-energize with the folks who elected him and agree with his policies.  Even former President Obama’s head of the Border Patrol believes in physical barriers and said that he expressed that to the previous president but was ignored.  Everyone tasked with enforcing our border say that border walls work.  When fighting a war do you not go to the troops at the front lines and ask what they need for their fight?  I love the expression, “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

I applaud the President for calling a truce to the childish tug-of-war between Pelosi and himself.  The real losers in this game of chicken were the members of the Coast Guard and federal employees who were asked to work without pay.  How long could these same irresponsible members of Congress go without a paycheck?  Pelosi and the Dems were responsible for the shutdown and all the suffering that took place.  Pelosi refused to meet or negotiate at all during the shutdown.  That is not governing, that is selfish pride and it is driving a wedge between Americans.  I, for one, am angry at Dems for trying to destroy America with a flood of undocumented criminals and potential terrorists.  Europe regrets their open borders policy and we will as well.  Only a fool fails to learn from his/her mistakes and Pelosi is old enough to know better.  I think the Dems lack of policy on immigration and border security is an intentional act to permit as many illegals into the country as possible.  It will be easier to brainwash and control someone who is simply grateful to be in the U.S.   That individual is likely afraid that if he/she doesn’t accept the Democrat doctrine they will lose their social benefits or be deported.  Big Brother is alive and thriving.

2 thoughts on “The Winner Is. . .”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more that calling a temporary end to the shutdown is the right thing to do to provide a reprieve to those in the Govt and military that are the pawns in this battle to provide sovereignty of our borders.
    I’m hoping that if the Dem(on)s continue to block funding for the border wall, Mr. Trump will take the next step and declare a national emergency (which I believe it is) to fund the wall.

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