Senator Chuck Schumer suggested that the CIA do an “intervention” with President Trump.   Seems Schumer now has a degree in Psychiatry and has assessed the need for psychiatric evaluation of the President.  The President disagreed with public statements by our intelligence agencies regarding the “peaceful” nature of Iran and some other statements regarding our adversaries.  Does any SANE person really believe that Iran is not actively working on a nuclear bomb?  Why do you suppose they are frantically developing an intercontinental missile capable of striking Israel and possibly the U.S.?  Iran is definitely a bad actor, part of what President Bush labeled the “axis of evil.”  Just ask Israeli intelligence about Iranian intentions.  Their goal is to wipe Israel off the map and Israel has had plans for a pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities for years.  The Iranians have moved such facilities deep into mountains, safe from most air strikes.  The Israelis have successfully hacked Iranian computers and slowed progress, but they have been unable to stop them.  Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and many other Democrats are the ones in need of an intervention.  Then our intelligence officials announced that NOK is not likely to give up their nuclear weapons.  That may be correct, but this undermines any Trump Administration efforts to seek de-escalation of nuclear proliferation on the Korean Peninsula.  Our intelligence agencies are joining forces with the media and the Democratic Party to defeat every positive approach of this president, a move that is unprecedented in my lifetime.  I am not surprised by the media’s negative response to President Trump, but now we have our own intelligence agency joining the negative chorus.

I am so sick of the one-sided “reporting” by the media who delivers opinion and labels it as fact.  What they (media) fail to realize that by continuously attacking the President, they are building support for his re-election in 2020.  This is particularly true since all the announced Democratic candidates are espousing socialist views.  That won’t sell in Middle America.  Even the heavy criticism of the President’s decision to remove troops from Syria and Afghanistan is more popular than the President’s critics give him credit.  We are losing good men and women fighting wars for everyone else in a region that will never see peace.  We should only be involved when there is a clear and present danger to American lives.  We left Vietnam and the world may be better for it.  Perhaps the Middle East will be the same.  It is not our land and the President is right to try and extract us from the quagmire.

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