Strange Priorities

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, a Democrat, has come under intense criticism from fellow Democrats for a 1984 photo in his medical school yearbook of two individuals, one in typical KKK dress and the other with face painted black.  Northam, a pediatrician, is now being accused by many from both parties of racism.  Governor Northam has admitted to being in the photo and has apologized for his part in it.  However in politics you are never forgiven for your sins regardless of how far back in your past a mistake took place.  It is poetic justice that Northam is being called a racist since he won the Virginia Gubernatorial election by calling his opponent, Ed Gillespie a “racist.”  I agree with all the sanctimonious Democrats that this was a stain on the Governor’s character, whether or not he is a racist.  Perception is reality and he will forever be labeled a “racist.”   I don’t know if he should leave office since all of us have made mistakes in our lives and we should be allowed to repent and move on.  We have to be mindful that every act could someday reflect on our career.  What is more disturbing to me is that there was total silence from Democrats the day before when the Governor was explaining legalized infanticide in the Virginia Legislature.  Not a single Democrat condemned the killing of near-term or newly delivered infants.  Apparently the Democrats believe racism is a greater sin than murder.  I am in no way condoning what Governor Northam did but we are comparing painting your face black to taking a human life.  Our criminal justice system makes it a double homicide if someone kills a pregnant woman (mother and baby).  At the same time abortion allows us to kill a perfectly healthy fetus with no consequences to mother or doctor. There are thousands of childless couples who would willingly accept an unwanted pregnancy.  A Christian nation should not permit harming its most helpless of inhabitants.

It appears that the new policy of the Dems is to accept all immigrants, legal or illegal, protect criminal aliens (at the expense of law-abiding Americans) and provide social services to all who want to come to America at taxpayer expense.  While the Dems are willing to care for illegals, they want to kill unwanted (and often perfectly healthy) infants for medical reasons or even financial or emotional stress on the mother.  If this is the future of the Democratic Party then I shudder to think of our nation if the Dems gain control of the entire government once again.


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