Pie in the Sky

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), the brash new Congressional Representative from New York, has proposed he Green New Deal Resolution.  It is being co-sponsored by Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts and thus far has 67 Democratic co-sponsors.  The proposal is so ludicrous that anyone with a modicum of scientific knowledge has already labeled as impossible.  Apparently our founders were wise to include an age requirement to run for certain government offices (including the presidency) because the youthful mind does not always think logically.  There is no way that our modern economy could obtain all of its energy needs from renewable sources.  Every square foot of acreage would necessarily be occupied by either a solar panel or a windmill.  Renewable sources of energy, such as wind and sunlight, are not available 24 hours a day and thus energy generated by such means would have to be stored in batteries.  Batteries would be bulky and be made of heavy metals (as are solar panels) creating an environmental hazard.  One of the few continuous sources of energy (other than fossil fuels) is nuclear energy.  AOC proposes that we ditch nuclear energy as well so where do we obtain a steady flow of energy to run a modern, 24 hour economy?  One potential continuous source of energy is geothermal; the earth’s core is a steady, reliable source of energy.  However only a handful of states would be capable of tapping the earth’s internal power supply.  AOC wants to replace gasoline burning autos and airplanes with high-speed rail for travel.  Plug in electrics still have to find a source of electricity and trains will never make travel as efficient as planes.  Today’s trains run on diesel fuel, a highly-polluting hydrocarbon and would need to be converted to electromagnetic.  Not even taking into consideration the idea of retrofitting homes to a more “green” standard, all these changes would require decades if not centuries to accomplish!  Her ambitious goal is “totally renewable” by 2030.  Pie in the sky is okay for children, but AOC has been elected to Congress and needs to start acting like a grown up.  The media is partially to blame for her huge ego by showering her with attention and following her every move.

The earth is 4.54 billion years old and has survived a number of cataclysmic events.  Global warming will not destroy it in 12 years as AOC has predicted.  If we are truly destroying the earth through climate change then I would like to see all the doomsayers change their own behaviors.  Al Gore, the king of climate change, is one of the worst offenders as are many of the Hollywood elites.  While criticizing others for energy consumption they live in mansions, fly private jets, drive huge SUVs and use energy like there is no tomorrow.  I’m sick of the hypocrisy of the Left who want to blame conservatives for all of society’s woes while their push for open border borders and sanctuary cities is endangering law enforcement and harming innocent Americans.


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