Democratic Indoctrination

The elder and the youngster in the Democratic House of Representatives took the rebellious members of the House to the woodshed this week and gave them a scolding.  Democratic Representatives who show any willingness to work with their Republican counterparts in a truly bipartisan fashion are blacklisted and targeted for defeat in 2020.  The event that triggered this disciplinary action involved a Republican amendment to a gun bill that would have required notification of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) when an undocumented criminal attempted to purchase a firearm.  Contacting ICE would be the MOST appropriate action in this type of situation and would protect innocent Americans from potential harm.  It appears that Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) are not interested in protecting Americans.  They are more concerned with preserving their power base and what they perceive to be a future voter base.  The Democrats are not even attempting to hide the intent of their behavior anymore.  Now that they have gained power in the House they are pushing through an agenda that includes:  1) open borders, 2) drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, 3) and ultimately voter registration for illegals (as Democrats of course).  The drivers licenses could be used for purposes of identification and likely be used for purposes of voting.  The Democratic Party has become the Democratic Mafia where all its members must follow their rules or be eliminated from the party.  Like the criminal mafia, the Dems are ruthless and unforgiving.  Congressional members are no longer allowed to work for the good of their constituents but must work for what is best for the party.  This is politics at its worst!

The Democratic Party once represented the party of the “common man (or woman)” but that has drastically changed.  They have shifted radically to a socialistic (tax & spend) point of view.   They are for infanticide, taking away your health insurance, raising your taxes, paying people not to work and “saving the environment” by going green.  Arrays of solar panels, wind farms and large arrays of storage batteries will ultimately destroy the environment both during construction and during disposal.   Unless we wish to resume living in caves we will likely be dealing with emissions of some sort for decades.  As the Paris Accord glaringly pointed out, many nations are doing little to nothing in the fight on global warming.  If we are singularly addressing climate change the effort is largely wasted.

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