Population Pollution

New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio just announced that the city’s public schools will be enforcing a new “meatless Mondays” policy to improve the health of its students and to make an impact on climate change.  I’m afraid that the mayor in his presumptive arrogance is wrong on both counts.  For many inner city school age children, the school lunch (and breakfast) program is often the only balanced meal that they receive all day.  For some of them it may be the ONLY meal they receive.  The idea of going meatless on any given day for an overfed adult is probably a good idea.  But to deprive a growing child of a prime source of protein is criminal.  Vegan sources of protein are inferior in quality and do not provide the iron and other trace minerals necessary for growth and development.  Going without meat IS NOT healthier for a growing child.  The mayor’s other contention that depriving children of meat one day a week will have a positive effect on climate change is a joke.  Despite the ranting of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), the world will not end in 12 years.  If you believed all of the fear mongering of the climate change doomsayers many coastal cities would already be under sea water.  Al Gore had predicted that the artic poles would have melted years ago and global temperatures would be much warmer.  The earth is warming slightly but man’s impact is miniscule and there is no way to predict how much we can move the earth’s temperature in either direction.  Volcanic activity and ocean currents have a far greater effect on the earth’s climate than man-made activities.  One suggestion that I have heard from liberal corners is that they do not wish to have children over the issue of climate change.  Now, Mr. Mayor, that is a proposal that COULD have a serious impact on climate change!

The idea of not procreating is wrong because perhaps their child could someday discover a solution for some serious environmental issue.  This liberal fatalistic attitude does point out a basic fact:  the greatest contribution to climate change is humanity itself.  Humans consume resources and pollute the environment and the larger the population, the greater the pollution.  We all have a significant carbon footprint and the only way to reduce that is with fewer feet.  Planet earth has survived for over 4 1/2 billion years and I am not concerned for its immediate future.  Ironically those making the most noise over climate change are actually making the fewest sacrifices to save this “terminal” planet.  I am unconcerned that the earth will be here in 12 years and then some.

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