Never Ending Story

The Mueller investigation has finally drawn to a close after 2+ years and over $25 million of taxpayer money.  All this on an investigation that was concocted by a group of corrupt FBI agents and a ruthless presidential candidate who would do anything to be president.  Under Obama the DOJ and IRS were weaponized to attack enemies of the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party.  Although the final details are yet to be released to the public, it has been announced that there would be no more indictments forthcoming.  The Dems like to point out how many indictments of Trump associates emerged from the investigation.  None of those indictments had anything to do with Russian collusion and 26 of them involved Russians who will never be extradited to the U.S.  It was quite obvious that General Flynn was entrapped when questioned by an FBI agent without the benefit of a lawyer present.  If any and all of Clinton’s campaign associates had been questioned and investigated in the same manner we would have seen an equal or greater number of indictments take place.  Of course the Democrats will not be pleased with the fact that the President has not been found guilty of collusion.  Many of them have already said they will put Mueller under oath and question his competence and integrity.  Mueller is himself a Democrat and surrounded himself with a biased team of Democratic lawyers to investigate the President.  Adam Schiff and company are obviously upset at the Mueller team for not arriving at a collusion conclusion.  With countless investigations of their own, the Dems will never let the President alone.  Continuous harassment will be the hallmark of Trump’s entire presidency.  Rejecting the will of American voters in the 2016 presidential election has been the obsession of the Left and Democrats since election day.  I fear it will continue to be a never-ending story as long as President Trump is in the White House.

When will the real collusion investigation begin?  We can start with the Clinton Foundation and the “donations” received from Russia prior to the 20% sale of U.S. uranium stores to the Russians.  Then there is the Clinton/DNC involvement (payment) for the Steele Dossier that was filled with unverified rumors about the President and the Russians.  We need to investigate (and prosecute) the high-level FBI agents who helped fabricate FISA warrants to spy on Trump associates.  If justice is truly “equal under the law” there will be many more indictments against Democrats and “crooked cops” in the FBI than there were in the Mueller investigation.  The Dems used one of the oldest tricks in the book by creating a diversion (accusing Trump of a crime) to cover up their own misdeeds.  I hope our new Attorney General has more courage than the previous one and brings fairness back to the DOJ.  Fairness and balance was definitely missing during the Obama years.

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