Throw the Bum Out

Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is still sticking to his story of collusion between President Trump and the Russians to alter the 2016 Presidential election.  This is despite the 2 years, $25 million and countless interviews and testimony from hundreds of witnesses that failed to prove any “Russian collusion.”  Robert Mueller was beloved by the Democrats and the media until he failed to prove what the enemies of the state were hoping for.  Hillary Clinton self-destructed by not campaigning in states that she thought were safe Democratic strongholds such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  During the Republican nomination process, Trump nicknamed Jeb Bush “low energy” but that title could aptly be applied to Hillary as well.  She only campaigned in limited areas while Trump was attending 2-4 rallies a day, every day throughout the campaign.  Donald Trump captured the blue collar vote from the Democrats by speaking their language and promising jobs.  He has delivered on those promises (along with lower taxes) and it will be difficult to defeat him in 2020.  Adam Schiff continues to insist there is evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians.  In an unprecedented move, all the Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee asked Schiff to step down from his position as Chairman.  Schiff is delusional when he refuses to accept the results of an obviously biased investigation that set out to find a crime but failed to do so.  I think it is time to “throw the bum out.”

I saw a recent survey that reported the majority of Americans still believe there was Russian collusion despite none being found.  For nearly 3 years the media has bombarded the public with stories of collusion and how Trump and his family would be indicted and likely serve prison time.  When you hear lies long enough you begin to believe that they are the truth.  Nowhere has there been an apology from the Hollywood elitists or the media.  Much of the media continue to push their tabloid-type stories to a gullible audience.    We can no longer trust the media to present factual information.  They have gone from being a source of information to one of entertainment.   The Hollywood set is particularly annoying when they feel entitled to live by a separate set of rules from the rest of society.  I wish Congress were half as committed to the betterment of our nation as is President Trump.  The only collusion between Trump, Russia and NOK is to hopefully make the world safer for all Americans.

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