Taxing Issue

Now that the Democrats have lost the collusion issue (although you wouldn’t know that from top Dems and their allies in the media), they continue to harass the President by other means.  Now they are demanding the President’s tax returns from the last 6 years.  The lame excuse given by some is that other presidents have released tax returns.  How big of them but there is no law that forces the President to forfeit his privacy regarding tax returns unless it would apply to national security or had something to do with a felony investigation.  If we are going to look at tax returns, how about looking at Bernie Sanders, the avowed Socialist who owns three homes.  Under socialism we are all supposed to be sharing equally; so how does a Socialist own three homes??  Where does all his money come from and how much does he pay in taxes.  If you really examine Socialist societies, the politicians at the top of Socialist governments are wealthy while the populace suffers.  Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer criticize businesses and the wealthiest 1% who they claim receive all the tax breaks.  Let’s examine their tax returns and see how much they really pay in taxes.  I would venture to say that each of them pays a much lower percentage of their income in tax than those of us who really work for a living.  Since politicians write the tax laws, you can be sure there are many more loopholes in the tax code favoring them over the average citizen.  So if we are going to demand the President’s tax returns, then how about everyone in Congress being “transparent.”  I have hated that word since Obama destroyed its meaning by constantly saying he would be transparent and doing the complete opposite.

The Trump empire has created thousands of jobs and generates millions of dollars every day.  What has this (or any other) Congress accomplished?  All the Democrats seem interested in achieving is resisting and investigating.  Instead of making money, all they can do is spend (mostly waste) taxpayer money.  Governments do not “produce” anything; their only source of revenue is what they take from taxpayers.  With all the anti-Trump political games, my opinion of politicians in general, and Democrats in particular, has only gotten worse.  Continuing to attack President Trump will only assure his re-election in 2020.  The Dems have no platform of their own and if the economy continues to fire on all cylinders, there is no way in Hell that the country will elect a Socialist.

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