Bad Move

The issuance of the Mueller Report should have brought the Russia collusion story to a conclusion.  Rather than ending the controversy, the report only stirred the pot.  Some would suggest that the Mueller Report compelled Congress to take the findings of his investigation and impeach the President.  The Democrats have made an issue out of the fact that Robert Mueller could not exonerate the President in the matter of obstruction of justice.  In the American system of justice you are presumed “innocent” and it is “guilt” that must be proven.  Robert Mueller was not hired to determine if the President was innocent but rather to determine if he was guilty of a crime.  In the absence of finding guilt, then an individual must be assumed to be innocent.  The Dems seem to have this backwards, since Mueller couldn’t prove the President was innocent, then he must be guilty of obstruction of justice.  The facts are that the President DID NOT fire Mueller, nor did he claim executive privilege on any matters regarding the investigation.  He replied (in writing) to all the Mueller committee’s questions.  With all that in mind, where did the obstruction of justice take place?  Nothing, other than a criminal indictment, would have satisfied the Democrats.  If there was no collusion (and thus no crime) how could there have been obstruction of justice?  If the Dems wish to pursue this further, they will be wasting additional time and taxpayer funds that could be better spent on infrastructure or border wall construction.  We have a Congress of children who will accomplish nothing other than pounding their chest and sucking up to their base.   The impeachment talk is just that, appealing to the Radical Left’s base.

The Dems best think long and hard before actually trying to impeach a successful president.  The Republicans paid dearly when they impeached Bill Clinton who was guilty of perjury and other “unpresidential” behavior while in office.  The Clinton economy was booming as is the economy of today.  It was Clinton who popularized the expression, “it’s the economy stupid.”  People vote based on their own economic situation and the average worker has benefitted from deregulation and tax cuts.  Unemployment among all groups is historically low and wages are on the rise.  The stock market has soared as has retirement plans along with it.  Working class voters are not stupid and they know who deserves credit for their personal success.  The Dems would be committing political suicide if they were impeach the President.  Trump’s greatest sin is his lack of political decorum and the willingness to speak his mind.  Who among us has not used profanity from time to time?  When Trump tweets bull____ or says some other colorful words, the media goes ballistic.  If the Dems want to impeach one of the most successful presidents in history,  I say “Make my day!”

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