Sleepy Joe

The Democratic field grows ever larger by the day as the latest Dem to enter the presidential race for 2020 is Senator Joe Biden.  This is his third run for the presidency (and hopefully last).  Although he leads in most popularity polls (largely due to name recognition) his ideas are outdated and his “touchy/feely” approach in public is no longer acceptable to women.  Apparently Uncle Joe doesn’t believe that today’s rules apply to him since he continues to invade women’s personal space and later jokes about it.  I believe it when he says that he never intentionally made women uncomfortable, but he is a slow learner and still can’t see his behavior from a woman’s perspective.  Uncle Joe also seems to suffer from pre-dementia type gaffs when it comes to facts and makes naive and tasteless racial remarks.  If Joe Biden is the eventual Democratic candidate for president, the Republicans will have a harvest of Joe Biden misstatements for political ads.  It would be a great mistake for the Dems to select either of the two dinosaurs (Joe or Bernie) running in the Democratic party for the presidency. Although Bernie generates excitement among younger voters, his far-left views will not be acceptable to the vast majority of middle America.  At this point, I don’t see any of the 20 announced candidates with the stamina or the record of accomplishment of President Trump.  The first mistake Joe Biden made in his announcement was to attack Trump.  Hillary Clinton largely lost the 2016 election because her campaign was essentially a negative one.  She ran on “vote against the other candidate because he is immoral and evil.”  I think Clinton’s email scandal and actions while Secretary of State defined her as the immoral and evil candidate in the race.

Regardless of the eventual Democratic nominee, it will be virtually impossible to defeat President Trump in his bid for a second term.  The economy is running hotter than any time that I can recall and we are once again respected militarily in the world.  I can think of no one more capable of leading us during the next four perilous years.  The world is increasingly more dangerous every day and we need a strong president who is not afraid of taking the necessary actions, regardless of the political consequences.  Like President Trump, I welcome Joe Biden’s entry into the presidential fray.  He can’t compete with the most successful president since Ronald Reagan.  Joe may be like an old pair of shoes, they make you comfortable, but they can’t last.

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