Media Bias

I can’t bring myself to listen or even read any of the media sources anymore due to their blatant anti-Trump, anti-Republican bias.  Even Yahoo can’t report a story objectively therefore I only go to that site for my email.  The so-called Mueller “letter” to Attorney General Barr had to have been written by someone else on the highly partisan Mueller team.  We know this because the AG spoke with Mueller on the phone and Mr. Mueller did not express any concerns that Barr had misrepresented the final report.  Mueller’s only concern was over the media’s representation (misrepresentation) with the issue of obstruction of justice.  The Democrat-owned media is the bullhorn through which the Dems achieve their dirty work.  Apparently the media believe they can brainwash a gullible public with distortions of the truth and turn the populace against Trump.  Listening to the Senators attack a respected Attorney General yesterday was a disgrace.  Several Senators turned the “questioning” session into an assault on the integrity of a proven statesman and patriot.  Today Nancy Pelosi further attacked Barr and held out the possibility of conviction for lying to Congress.  How many Democrats have lied to Congress in recent years, including the Queen of Liars, Hillary Clinton?  For the remainder of President Trump’s first term we will continue to see accusations and investigations for bogus crimes when the real crimes have been committed by those making the accusations.   Creating a diversion is a slick strategy so that your own illicit activities won’t be discovered.  I have never been so sick of politicians in my life, particularly those from the Democratic party.  They are undeserving of respect and certainly not deserving of the high salaries for amount of work they accomplish.

I believe that the re-election of President Trump is more certain with every childish act undertaken by the Democrats.  While they are grandstanding with the help of the media, the President is continuing to grow the economy.  Joe Biden likes to say the middle class is hurting but that is fake news with unemployment down and pay on the rise.  Tax refunds for some may be lower this year simply because workers had less withheld on every paycheck.  It will be difficult for Joe Biden or any Dem to make a president unpopular who has turned the economy around, reduced unemployment to its lowest levels in decades and increased our standing throughout the world.  The Dems have no record of their own and think attacking Trump and his AG is a winning strategy.  Just ask Hillary how that worked for her!

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