Hillary Hysteria

The leader of the resistance movement is now predicting that President Trump will be unwilling to accept defeat in 2020 and leave the White House.  Hillary Clinton is the epitome of hypocrisy since it is nearly three years since her defeat at the hands of Donald Trump.  To this day she still insists that the election was stolen from her by the Russians, White Supremacists or some other bogeyman.  She is unwilling to accept defeat yet she insists that President Trump would refuse to vacate his White House quarters.  Of course she is making a huge assumption that the President will be defeated in 2020.   Hillary is narcissistic believing it was her destiny to be the first woman president.  She is willing to destroy anyone who gets in her way toward that goal.  Bernie Sanders learned that in 2015/16 and was neutralized by the Democratic machine despite Bernie’s popularity.  Senator Sanders may be headed for the same fate once again since the political machine supports the favorite son Joe Biden.  Bernie was garnishing large sums of donations and popular support when Joe Biden finally decided to enter the 2020 race.  Now Bernie is losing ground in the polls and will likely be buried by the political machine that tends to support establishment candidates.  The President would have an easier time with the likes of Bernie than Joe since Bernie’s socialist policies wouldn’t go over well with Middle America.  Biden also appeals to many of the working class voters that Trump captured for the first time in 2016.  Biden’s mental lapses are frightening however, and I hope people don’t support him out of Obama nostalgia.  Joe Biden was never qualified to be president in my opinion.

Under a Biden administration China would technologically leave us in the dust and militarily put us on our knees.  North Korea would bully Japan and all of Southeast Asia while Russia would reclaim the glory days of the USSR and gobble up Eastern Europe.  NATO would become a paper tiger and the U.S. would become a welfare state.  I don’t know enough of the other candidates to render an opinion on their qualifications.  Our economy is on fire and our national security is in good hands today.  As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  If we give someone else control of the nation, all bets are off.  That holds true particularly if we elect a leader intent on heading us in a socialist direction.  Socialism has never worked anywhere and we are kidding ourselves to believe it could work here.  Despite some of the most abundant natural resources in the world, Venezuela could not survive under a socialist government.  Wake up voters, there are none so blind as those who will not see!


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