Trade Traitors

Unless you have been living in a cave, you have to be aware that trade talks between the U.S. and China have stalled once again.  The Chinese failed to follow through on previous written agreements on trade and technology transfer between the two countries.  It seems the Chinese are accustomed to getting their way in trade and business negotiations and appear unwilling to change.  Of course that was prior to the election of Donald Trump to be our 45th president.  On the campaign trail businessman Donald Trump promised to re-negotiate many of our alliances and trade deals because we were giving up too much in an effort to strike a deal.  Since President Trump has made a deal or two in his life,  he is a great person for the job.  The media blames the impasse in negotiations on the President’s arrogance and intransigence.  The real impasse is coming from the fact that the Chinese want everything “their way” without any of the “give and take” that typically takes place in negotiations.  Everyone knows that China has taken advantage of us (and most of the rest of the world) for decades yet no one has had the courage to do anything about it.  It is like the individual that needs to lose weight yet decides to begin their diet tomorrow or some other future date.  Every president before Trump kicked the trade issue “can” down the road.  Finally this president had the backbone to say enough is enough.  He truly believes in making America great again and that begins with producing additional goods in the U.S.  Outsourcing cost us jobs, making more “American” products will create jobs.  As a national security issue we must not be reliant on any nation (even an ally) for many of our basic needs.

Media hysteria emphasizes that the Trump-imposed tariffs will cost Americans and raise the price of nearly everything.  Under the current tariffs, the average American family of four is projected to pay an additional $767 a year.  Give me a break!  This is a small price to pay for putting China in its place and stop them from stealing any more of our technology.  Chinese military weaponry uses much of the technology developed by American companies and later stolen from us.  They are using their new found military prowess to challenge our dominance of the oceans and elsewhere.  Trump’s push for a Space Force is an effort to counter the Chinese efforts to be capable of shooting down or otherwise neutralizing our communications satellites.  Sorry Joe Biden, these are not “good people” but rather our competitors in every facet of life who wish to dominate and control us and the rest of the world.  Trade is only the beginning.

One thought on “Trade Traitors”

  1. It’s interesting that China “retaliated” today by announcing tariffs on 60 billion of US imports. This is in response to our tarrifs on 200 billion of Chinese imports. This underscores how lopsided the trade balance ratio between our countries is. Still, China feels wronged with over a 3 to 1 ratio of our imports to theirs. Shame on our past administrations for getting us into this situation to begin with.

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