Petty Politics

After two years and $35 million the Mueller special counsel failed to find Russia collusion with Team Trump.  So now you thought we could safely move on to neglected topics such as immigration reform, repairing our aging infrastructure and perhaps tackling the ballooning federal deficit.  If you actually thought that would happen then you probably believe in the tooth fairy.  The Dems are still bitter over Hillary’s loss in 2016 and hate the most successful president in my lifetime.  Instead of attacking the real core issues facing our nation, Dems continue to attack this president, his family and administration.  Attorney General William Barr is following the law by not releasing the full Mueller report to Congress.  No subpoena can force him to do so and the courts will back up the AG on this issue.  NONE of the members of the House Intelligence Committee have even bothered to read the “lightly” redacted version of the Mueller report that has been made available to them.  The Dems are not interested in the truth, they are interested in vengeance.  They are looking to take down anyone associated with President Trump in a childish vendetta.  This Game of Thrones will continue through the remainder of the first term of President Trump’s eight years in office.  The Dems antics will undoubtedly ensure Trump’s re-election in 2020.  Everyone can see the personalization in the House’s actions and the fact that Congress is ignoring the job they were elected to fulfill.  I hope the 2020 Congressional elections follow the advice of Brooklyn Dodger fans famous phrase, “Throw the bums out!”  It should be apparent that these newly-elected members of Congress did not keep the promise to their constituents of offering hope and change.

The Democrats have no new ideas (other than climate change which is not new thanks to Al Gore) and that is the primary reason they continue to focus on investigating the President and his family.  In the meantime thousands of people (including gang members and criminals) are breaching our southern border every day along with a host of illegal drugs, weapons and diseases.  While the Dems want compassion for these migrants, they ignore homeless vets and other suffering American citizens.  It’s time to quit fighting with our president and start working together as Americans have always done in the past.  The hatred in Congress could spread throughout the country like a plague.  With enemies at the gates (China, Russia, NOK and Iran) we must remain united.  United we stand, divided we fall.

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