Joe Surges

For reasons unexplicable to me, Joe Biden has surged into the lead of Democrats vying for the presidential nomination.  The Democratic base hates the current president and wants more than anything to defeat the man in office.  They are willing to swallow whatever bitter medicine necessary to accomplish that feat.  I’d even venture to say that a possible FBI coup could be in the works, but that has already been tried and failed.  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!  Joe Biden is seen as the most likely Democrat to defeat Trump despite the fact that he is incompetent and out or touch.  Just from small sound bites, Joe’s mental mistakes are becoming more obvious to me.  Democratic loyalists love Uncle Joe and will vote for him out of nostalgia and to support the party label.  However the world is more dangerous than ever and we need someone who is quick-thinking and prepared.  Listening to Biden sounds as if he is either not prepared or has forgotten most of his talking points.  More than one diplomat openly expressed concerns that Biden has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue for decades.  Is this the individual we want guiding our nation at the most dangerous time in our history?  We face major threats from Iran, North Korea, Russia and China as well as less serious threats that can hurt us as well.  We must be RIGHT the first time when it comes to national security.  When has Joe Biden been right?  According to many of our past experts, NEVER.  It is also critical that we maintain our economy and robust GDP as that lends strength and credibility to our military standing.

Joe keeps saying he will save the middle class.  Haven’t the tax cuts and the booming economy helped the middle class?  Employment and wages are up, tax rates are down, and with the escalating stock market, most retirement plans are also up.  Someone will have to explain to me how the middle class is hurting.  What is hurting the nation today is our inability to control our southern border.  We need physical barriers as recommended by border agents tasked with the job of patrolling that dangerous area.  We also need more agents, judges and better legislation from a childish Congress who want to investigate instead of legislate.  While Nero fiddles, Rome burns!  Candidate Joe Biden offers indecision and a return to the Obama policies.  If you think the Democrats are obstinate now, just elect a Democratic president and see what happens.  America will become a third class nation, overtaken by China, Russia and even the rogue nations of Iran and North Korea.  The next election will present us with a choice between world leadership and world subservience.

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