Just Do It

The Dems have threatened to impeach President Trump since his upset election in 2016.  The impeachment drumbeat got louder after the Dems took control of the House in the 2018 elections but they still remain divided on the issue.  Their division lie in the desire to attack and embarrass this president.  What is holding them back is the political price to be paid for a blatantly spiteful move against a successful president.  The American economy and stock market are humming along better than they have for decades (perhaps ever) and joblessness is at an all time low.  America’s prestige in the world is once again on the rise and we have resumed our place as the world’s top industrial and military power.    Americans are recognizing that the Democratic House has not passed any meaningful legislation since gaining its majority and it is refusing to address the crisis on our southern border.  Their hatred for Trump has crippled them, creating an inertia that is neglecting this nation’s major problems.  Speaker Pelosi can recall the price paid by the Republicans when they impeached President Bill Clinton for serious crimes.  She wishes to avoid a similar fate for the newly found Democratic Congressional power.   The Mueller special investigation did not find a crime committed by President Trump so any impeachment by a Democratic House would be strictly on a political, not a criminal basis.  Of course the Republican Senate would be unlikely to convict President Trump so Pelosi and other sensible Dems realize that impeachment would be a fruitless effort.  Average Americans are tired of investigation on top of investigation.  One day the Dems are talking impeachment and the next day they aren’t.  As Senator Lindsey Graham (and the Nike slogan) says, “Just do it.”  If you feel there is a case for impeachment then go forward with it.  It is high time Congress quit acting like children and begin working on the critical issues facing our country.  A wound doesn’t improve with neglect and we have many wounds that have been neglected for far too long.

I believe that we finally have an Attorney General who can be trusted to be a non-partisan arbiter of justice.  The previous DOJ, FBI and Intelligence Agencies were turned into political weapons in an effort to help the Clinton campaign.  Such behavior should never happen again and hopefully the “once bitten, twice shy” will apply in the future.  I don’t think average citizens will ever look upon government agencies with the same confidence again.  I hope that those responsible for destroying our trust will someday be held accountable.  I have little faith we will see that take place.

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