Game On

Robert Mueller just gave the green light to House Democrats to proceed with the impeachment process.  In fact, the message from Mueller was almost a mandate for enforcing the law on a sitting president.  Mueller declared that the Constitutional responsibility to prosecute the president lies with Congress.  Mueller (a Democrat himself) has turned our system of justice upside down.  The American system of justice presumes a person innocent and guilt must be proven.  Mueller stated that with respect to collusion and obstruction there was insufficient evidence for a conviction on either count.  Yet he repeated on more than one occasion that they could not prove the President’s innocence.  The criminal justice system DOES NOT need to prove innocence.  Representative Nadler, Speaker Pelosi and most of the presidential candidates are now calling for impeachment spurred on by Mueller’s latest comments.  With this type of momentum I doubt there will be any common sense among the remainder of Dems to hold their fire.  You can forget about any meaningful legislation moving forward on real critical issues such as immigration reform or deficit reduction (or anything else).  The balance of Trump’s first term will now be consumed by impeachment proceedings.  The President has already implied that he will be unwilling to work with the hostile Democratic members of Congress.  Little will get done without presidential support and average Americans will be the real losers.  Voters are not blind or stupid;  Bill Clinton was made a martyr through the impeachment process.  Clinton actually committed a crime whereas  this president did not commit a crime.  The ultimate trial will be the 2020 presidential election when the voters get the opportunity to vote.

Impeachment will further divide an already divided nation.  The Dems certainly have the votes in the House and they appear to have the willingness to impeach.   We can survive impeachment as a nation; what scares me is the world around us.  We are surrounded by a sea of enemies who would relish our self-conflict.  Russia, China, North Korea and even Iran will likely move to take advantage of our perceived weakness and division.  A strong America is the force that keeps the lions at bay.   Our borders will be overrun by global migrants and terrorists.  I fear for the future of our nation and the mess that those idiots in Congress are creating.  My words of wisdom to the Dems are, “Be careful what you wish for.”

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