Tariff Tears

The Dems and Rinos are crying crocodile tears over the President’s latest attempt to protect our borders.  In the meantime Congress (both Democrats and Republicans) has done nothing to stop the migrant flow.  This past week a dubious one-day record was reached at the El Paso border crossing.  Over 1,000 migrants were apprehended at that location in a single day!  Central American migrants have been permitted to march unimpeded across Mexico to our southern border for many months with no interference from the Mexican authorities.  Although this type of asylum activity is illegal, Mexico has done virtually nothing to stop it.  As the President said, the carrot approach has not worked, so it is time we tried the stick approach.   Predictably the stock market dropped as this latest tariff idea was likely to hurt the extensive trade between our two countries.  It will also raise the price of goods brought into the U.S. from Mexico, which includes a large number of autos and automobile parts as well as much of our fresh fruit and vegetables.  Numerous congressional members have already complained that consumers will be paying more and the “cost to taxpayers” will rise.  But what is illegal immigration costing taxpayers now?  We are anticipating more than a million illegal migrants to enter the country this fiscal year.  These illegals require food, housing, healthcare and eventually education and social programs.  Just what is that costing the taxpayer??  If the tariffs on Mexican goods spurs the Mexican president into action, then any pain is worth it.  We must stop this migrant insanity before it destroys the sovereignty of our nation.

With the House focused on impeachment, no meaningful legislation can be expected on immigration reform (or any other legislation).  Our Congress seems totally incompetent to perform even their most basic functions (except collecting their paychecks).  We the people need to impeach the Congress for negligence and petty politics.  If you act like children you should be treated like children.  They (Congress) certainly don’t deserve the salary and generous benefits they all receive.  The only one working in Washington is our President and his Administration.  If the petty politicians would quit opposing everything Trump proposes perhaps they could work out some sort of compromise on immigration and other key issues.  It takes two sides to compromise and the Dems will never agree with anything this President proposes.

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