Blood Brothers

Despite ridicule from the American media, President Trump’s trip to England renewed an allegiance rooted in genetics and tradition.  America was born out of a “family feud” with its mother country, and fought several wars to establish its independence.  Much like a true family however, when times got tough both nations banded together and fought for a common cause.  That relationship was severely strained under President Obama who arrogantly treated the British like a second-class country.  Obama even told the Brits that they would move to the back of the line when it came to trade deals with the U.S. if they left the European Union.  President Trump has reaffirmed our strong bond with Great Britain both as a military ally and as an economic trading partner.  To the contrary the President wants a strong “trade deal” with Great Britain.  Unlike Obama, Trump encouraged Britain’s independence from the EU and the economic (and political) extortion exacted by Brussels on Britain.  We have always been a strong ally and come to the aid of Britain (and Europe) in two world wars.  We can be counted on in any future military threats.  As the largest energy exporter in the world, we can also protect our allies from economic and energy threats.  Like an extended family, we’ve borrowed a great deal from Britain including our language, our system of jurisprudence and many other traditions.  Both nations can be trusted to be there in times of need.  The American media and press can belittle President Trump all they want. The British press has shown the proper deference for the President’s position and his expressed desire to assist Britain with their Brexit transition. Our allies and enemies alike respect Trump and his ability to accomplish goals. Trump can’t be pushed around like the previous president. Obama’s attempt to please everyone and be a globalist ultimately had the opposite effect with our allies and emboldened our adversaries. The Brits have a friend in America and we in them.

Tomorrow marks the 75th anniversary of the largest amphibious invasion in recorded history.  Although many allied forces participated in the attack, it was spearheaded by the U.S. and Great Britain.  The courage and sacrifice of allied forces is difficult to comprehend.  A rather accurate depiction of that landing is seen in the movie, “Saving Private Ryan.”  If you have not watched that movie, I would highly recommend it.  For those of us who have seen it, watch it again.  “There is no greater gift than to lay down one’s life for another.”


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