Do Something

The lazy and incompetent Dems are critical of the Mexican resolution to Trump’s tariff threat.  Even RINOs were expressing opposition to the President’s 5% tariff proposal on all Mexican imports.  This harsh rebuke is pretty pathetic coming from Democratic members of Congress who have offered no solution to the thousands of Central Americans pouring across our southern border.  During the month of May the CBP apprehended a record 144,000 illegals in a single month.  Keep in mind that these are the number of individuals who are “caught” crossing the border.  How many are crossing undetected by CBP?  The U.S. has always welcomed “legal” immigrants.  Those crossing illegally must be medically screened, housed, fed and transported to temporary holding facilities.  This is creating a huge strain on local, state and federal resources.  The nation is already facing a measles outbreak secondary to inadequate immunization practices within American communities.  When you have poor migrants from third world countries entering the country, we have no idea (in most cases) what immunizations (if any) these individuals have received.  Some Central American countries still immunize for tuberculosis with BCG (an attenuated tuberculin bacterium) that renders our standard PPD (purified protein derivative) screening test useless.  Under such circumstances migrants must undergo a chest x-ray to ensure they are not infected with tuberculosis.  The Dems want to criticize the current, overcrowded and unsanitary housing conditions at the border.  However when DHS asked for emergency funding for additional shelters House Democrats turned them down.  How can the Dems be critical of a situation that they are responsible for creating?  Unless House Democrats are willing to behave in the best interest of America and the people they serve, immigration and national security will never be resolved.

It seems that since Trump was elected president, all the Dems and the media have offered is criticism and never any potential solutions.  It is time to quit acting like children and begin acting the part of responsible legislators.  As if Congressional incompetence were not enough, House Democrats are asking for a salary increase.  This would be on top of the $170,000+ yearly salary, separate health care benefits, retirement system and other generous perks they receive.  Can someone show me what they have done to deserve the current salary, much less a raise?  Members of Congress have an approval rating of somewhere in the teens with the general population.  I wouldn’t rate it even close to that.  The only person accomplishing anything of substance in Washington, D.C. is President Trump and yet he is under intense criticism for his willingness to attack issues.  Americans are not stupid and I think Dems are in for a rude awakening in the 2020 elections.

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