Placing Blame

AOC and other Dems have made wild accusations and comparisons of Border Patrol holding centers to Nazi concentration camps.  These are outrageous comparisons on a number of levels but what is most ludicrous about the entire border crisis is that it is the result of Democratic inaction and intent.  I believe that the Dems feel the level of chaos under President Trump will reflect on his presidency as a whole.  What it really reflects upon is the pettiness of the Democrats and their unwillingness to do what is best for the security of our country.  The “bleeding heart” Democrats who seem to care so much about the migrants should stop encouraging them to take a dangerous (often deadly) journey through drug-cartel controlled territory.  The CBP agents have pleaded for additional funds and personnel to be better able to perform their dangerous (and thankless) jobs.  Detention facilities are being harshly criticized for overcrowded and unsanitary conditions.  These centers were never designed for the numbers of migrants entering the country in recent months.  In May alone over 11,000 unaccompanied children were apprehended by CBP.  How can you adequately house and feed that many children?  These are law enforcement officers, not nannies or nurses.  When a child dies in their custody remember that they have just travelled over a thousand miles with limited food, water and medicine.  They may not have received routine vaccinations and have been exposed to the elements for weeks or months.  The media wishes to blame these deaths on CBP agents who are doing their best with limited resources and staff.

If you are looking to lay blame, look no further than Congress.  Democratic opposition is the loudest but there is enough blame to go around to some Republicans as well.  Pass immigration reform that will stop encouraging more people to risk their lives and enrich the drug cartels in an effort to illegally enter the U.S.   Whether given two weeks or two years, Congress will do little to fix a problem of their own creation.  Voters are not stupid and immigration will be a key issue in the 2020 election.  Who do you suppose most voters will support, someone who is allowing thousands of illegals into the country every day or someone who is willing to build a wall to keep our country safe?  It’s a no-brainer in my book.

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