AOC Insanity

One of the loudest critics of the migrant border crisis, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, finally paid a visit to several migrant holding facilities at our southern border.  To no one’s surprise, the liberal Democrat leveled harsh criticism of the Customs and Border Patrol. Her accusations were “over the top” and outlandish saying that people were sleeping on concrete floors and women were told to drink out of the toilet.  Where has this member of Congress been for the past 6 months or more while CBP and the President were pleading for additional funding to care for the hoards of migrants overwhelming existing facilities.  AOC voted “NO” on the latest bill to provide $4.6 billion for the migrants.  How can she be critical of CBP agents when she won’t even vote to give them the funding necessary to care for these migrants?  You can’t expect resort accommodations when up to 1,000 people are showing up on any given day at one location.  For too long the Dems have tried to ignore this issue.  They have suddenly “got religion” when they refused additional funds all along until now.  Yet they want to blame the CBP for having nowhere to put new arrivals other than to overcrowd them into the few facilities currently available.  The Department of Homeland Security has tried to put up temporary facilities and transport migrants to other parts of the country.  Such moves are highly publicized and local mayors and governors are reluctant to “accept” them, even in so-called sanctuary states.  Nothing this Administration does is ever acceptable to the Dems or their allies in the media.  At least now the negative publicity will perhaps spur some legislative action by everyone in Congress along the lines of immigration reform.

Until we address immigration laws and stop the ridiculous decisions handed down by liberal judges, the flow of illegal immigration will continue.  We must make it known that without a legitimate asylum claim, anyone showing up at our border will be turned away.  It won’t take long for word to spread and the spigot to be turned off.  I am certainly not a fan of AOC, but perhaps her outrageous claims will finally awaken her fellow Dems from their catatonic state.  Uncontrolled immigration has forever changed Europe and threatens to do the same here.  We can be caring and compassionate without destroying the security and identity of our American culture.

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