Patriotic 4th

The liberal media and all the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates were trashing President Trump in the days preceding the July 4th holiday.  The tribute to our military was being cast as “autocratic” and an egotistical display to himself.  The hatred for our President is unprecedented and never witnessed in my lifetime.  Hopefully it will never be witnessed again, although I can’t ever view a Democratic president objectively since this Republican president was treated so terribly.  The President’s speech was hardly a political speech, but rather a reminder of what this nation has accomplished in a mere 243 years.  As Colin Kaepernick pointed out, we are not a perfect nation (and neither is any other nation) but we are constantly striving to be better.  I have often said, none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes.  The secret to life is learning by our mistakes!  I can’t recall a president being more supportive of our military and law enforcement than President Trump.  He has restored America’s pride in the military and our standing as a leading force for peace in the world.  The more Trump’s critics attack him, the more his supporters defend his efforts to rebuild America, economically and militarily.  The previous president apologized for America and downplayed any notion of “greatness.”  We now have a president who is proud of his country and determined to make it better and “greater.”  I don’t know about you, but I prefer the latter approach.  As for our military, “Peace through Strength” is not some empty slogan, it is fact.  America has always used its might for good, but our enemies believe differently.

This 4th of July is a time to reflect on our nation’s history and look forward to a bold future.  We are truly fortunate to have a president with ambitious goals for this country.  I have always said, “You will only rise to the level of your expectations.”  If we work together as Americans united there is nothing we can’t achieve.  The only thing holding us back is the liberal politicians and media who want this president (and thereby our country) to fail.

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