White House Rejection

In a totally classless statement Megan Rapinoe once again trashed the President and rejected a potential invitation to visit the White House.  The arrogant, pretentious star apparently believes herself to be the spokesperson for the entire women’s soccer team.  She rather proudly proclaimed that no one from the team would go to the White House if invited by the President.  Many successful athletes, including none other than Tiger Woods graciously accepted an invitation after his comeback win at the Masters. Tiger has played golf with the President on multiple occasions and the two are long-time friends.  Donald Trump is a good person who has helped many throughout his career.  Since becoming president, liberals believe that he (Donald) has suddenly become evil.  The liberal Left opposes anything that the President proposes, whether it be for the greater good or not.  Depriving oneself an opportunity to visit the White House is an effort in self-flagellation.  Instead Rapinoe accepted an invitation to visit the House of Representatives, a chamber of Congress that has done little to nothing for over two years.  This is the Congressional body that declared the thousands of migrants flooding our southern border to be a “manufactured crisis” by President Trump.  Only after intense public pressure did they grudgingly approve $4.6 billion for migrant funding to relieve massive overcrowding there.  Border agents were forced to pack thousands of migrants into facilities designed to house a fraction of that number.

The behavior of our women’s soccer team was outstanding on the field of play, but presumptuous and distasteful after the whistle.  Now they are demanding equal pay with the men who draw a much larger audience and revenue on a worldwide basis.  Women’s sports are entertaining but more fans typically attend and view the men’s competition.  I won’t be watching our women’s soccer team regardless of how proficient they become.  I will disown any team that can’t respect our flag and the nation’s sacred institutions.  Trump may not be perfect, but he is our President and is working hard to make America a beacon for good in a world of growing cruelty.  Megan can choose to stay home, a choice she will likely regret in her older, wiser years!

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