House Theatrics

Nancy Pelosi put on quite a display in the Democratic House of Representatives yesterday.  Some say it was to counter the new-found popularity of 4 radical freshman congresswomen (also known as the Squad).  These young, energetic, outspoken women have moved the Democratic Party to the far Left, proposing blatantly socialist policies.  Anyone who opposes them are labeled as sexist, xenophobic and racist.  Being called a racist is still a political death sentence within the Democratic Party.  The squad has taken an uncompromising approach antagonizing the moderates within the party and pushing Independents toward likely Trump voters in the 2020 election.  In Pelosi’s unprecedented House speech she called the President a racist and asked for a vote of condemnation.  Some believed her move was an attempt to “steal” some of the squad’s thunder and media publicity.  I am sick of media networks leading their news programs with stories that attack the President.  They have championed the squad’s accusations of Trump racism and numerous members of the Democratic Party refer to our President as a racist.  I have seen no objective evidence before or since the election that President Trump is a racist.  I think the Dems need to be reminded once again which party was the party of slavery, the KKK and Jim Crow laws.  Regardless of whether you side with Pelosi’s more moderate stance or “the squad” and their Socialist agenda, the House has done nothing since winning a majority of seats in the 2018 elections.  Instead of passing legislation toward immigration reform or other important issues the House continues their pointless investigation of an issue that has already been litigated.  Robert Mueller spent 35 million taxpayer dollars and 2 yrs grilling Trump associates and family members to prove a false narrative to be false.  At the same time, Mueller and others turned a blind eye to the collusion and crimes of Hillary Clinton and many of her Democratic associates.   The Department of Justice under Obama was biased and terribly corrupt!

I personally find it amusing to see the Democrats fighting among themselves and how they lack any policy or direction.  They must believe that the promise of “free” college and healthcare will buy them votes.  President Trump has unleashed the power of Capitalism and it will be easy to contrast the benefits of Capitalism vs Socialism.  Trump’s tweets are intensifying Democratic hatred to the point that they are unable to focus on any task other than their animosity for the President.  The Dems are helpless to pass any legislation because they are focused on the destruction of Trump.  In reality they are contributing to their own demise and are ensuring a Trump re-election in 2020.  By highlighting the arrogance of four inexperienced congresswomen the media is playing into Trump’s strategy to win in 2020.  Divide and conquer has worked in the past and can work in 2020.

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