The Race to Racism

The media has thrived on the topic of racism and hardly a day passes without one or more of their top stories involving the subject in some fashion.  The major networks know that as soon as liberals and minorities hear the word “racism” they tune in and ratings skyrocket.  I think many minorities would like to go through the day without a constant reminder that they belong to an abused and mistreated group of humanity.  This is not to say that racism does not exist, but not every statement and action by a white person has a racist undertone.  The media does not view news stories through totally objective eyes and they are quick to throw racism into every news event when it involves an individual who happens to be of a minority race or ethnicity.  The media has insisted that Donald Trump was a racist from day 1 when he said some of the migrants crossing our southern border were criminals and rapists.  Candidate Trump was only suggesting that not everyone entering the country had good intentions.  I never heard him (Trump) refer to the migrants’ nationality or skin color.  When he proposed a ban on flights from predominantly Muslim countries he was labeled anti-Muslim.  This was despite the fact that the Obama Administration had placed these same countries on a terrorist watch list.  Now we have his battle with “the squad” of congresswomen who have called him names and voted against aid for the migrants they say Trump is against.  At no time has the President mentioned skin color as his opposition to these women; it is the media who have turned this squabble into a racial issue.  If these women don’t support this country (or our close ally Israel), why did they run for Congress?

There is probably a method to the President’s apparent madness.  I think some of his tweets are too reflexive and not well thought out.  Those who have known Donald Trump over many years don’t believe him to be racist.  The President’s policies have helped minorities and all Americans since entering office.  With a booming economy and unemployment at record lows. everyone is benefiting   The media hates this president and they believe that the “racist” label will ultimately lead to his defeat.  While the Dems continue their attempts to “buy” minority votes with handouts and government dependence, President Trump offers true opportunities for independence and advancement.  The Dems like to say that President Trump is divisive, but when the media is constantly playing the “race” narrative, they are the divisive force that is preventing us from being Americans first and black, white or Hispanic second.

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