Total Disrespect

Cell phone videos were shared on Fox News this morning of two separate incidents in New York City in which NYPD Cops were assaulted by civilians.  The police officers were doused with water and one was struck in the head with what appears to be an empty (thank goodness) plastic bucket.  This particular officer was alone and attempting to make an arrest.  What has our society and these communities come to when they feel emboldened to the point of attacking police on public streets?  It is no secret that many politicians (most of them Democrats) have turned the police into enemies of law abiding citizens instead of protectors of society’s citizens.  Politicians are constantly labeling police officers as racists and making every encounter with a minority suspect as a racial incident.  In most metropolitan areas a substantial proportion of the police force consists of minorities.  Most police forces are more a reflection of the community population as a whole than in the past.  Despite the presence of more minorities in law enforcement, there is more animosity and disrespect for police than there has been in past years.  The blame for such disrespect lies solely with the media and our politicians who are appealing to the worst of society.  This attack on cops began under President Obama who started it all with his famous, ” the police acted stupidly,” statement.  Every time there was a police-involved incident during his administration, Obama sided against the police.  This became the mantra for Democrats to follow in his footsteps.

Law enforcement is what separates civilized society from anarchy.  The police are not perfect, but their job is to maintain law and order and protect us in the process.  It would benefit all of us to cooperate and work with them.  I’m proud of the stance our President has taken with respect to supporting those in law enforcement (and the military).  I expect the President to respond to these incidents in New York and express his disgust over this behavior.  This should be a wakeup call to all politicians that labeling police as “enemies of the people” is inciting attacks on those individuals who are simply there to protect us.  Be careful what you wish for.

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