More of the Same

The dance continues for the Dems as they can’t let the fake Russia-Trump narrative die a natural death.  They forced Robert Mueller to sit before both a House and Senate committee for a full day of grilling.  Each side hoped to gain some political leverage by drawing information from a hesitant, often confused man who obviously did not wish to be a part of this political “Game of Thrones.”  It is apparent that Mr. Mueller had little to no role in the investigation as he had a poor command of the facts regarding the 400+ page report.  Mueller made that clear previously when he said his testimony was the report itself.  Mr. Mueller stammered much of the time and was slow to respond when it came to many of the questions.  He tried his best to get off with yes or no (or at best one to two word responses when possible).  He got permission to have an adviser accompany him to the sessions.  Was this simply because he didn’t know what was in the report or was he concerned about his own mental abilities?  I felt a certain amount of pity for Mueller because he did seem to suffer some “senior moments”, yet he is guilty of allowing himself to be a pawn of the Dems.  His inept performance was of his own making and for that I have no sympathy.  For all the praise heaped on him by the Dems, Mr. Mueller was totally incompetent and unsuited for the task of conducting this entire investigation.  From day one, the investigation was biased and one-sided; any fair-minded individual could see through the lack of objectivity and fairness from the composition of the “team” to the individuals questioned and indicted.  We know Hillary Clinton paid for false Russian information on President Trump, but that was ignored while Trump associates were “set up” and entrapped to get indictable offenses.  Mr. Mueller’s conclusion that the President couldn’t be exonerated totally destroys our concept of justice under the law.  If there is not enough evidence to convict someone of a crime, then that individual is exonerated.

This dance will continue through 2020 and will undoubtedly insure a second term for President Trump.  It is unfortunate that the Dems had to take down a good man in Mr. Mueller in their blind hatred for Donald Trump.  Mueller was shamelessly made to look like a senile fool on national television.  Unless this nation comes under physical attack by Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea, I don’t see our country EVER being united again.  The gulf between liberal and conservative points of view is simply too wide to be bridged.  At this point neither side appears eager to close the gap that divides us.  Our pettiness is only encouraging bad behavior in our adversaries.  I hope we awaken to this idiocy before it’s too late.

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