Build the Wall

By a 5 to 4 margin the Supreme Court approved the Defense Department’s authorization of $2.5 billion of appropriated funds to be used for “wall” construction.  The liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had placed an injunction on the use of this money for wall construction despite the DoD approving the transfer.  Although SCOTUS and the judicial system is supposed to be “apolitical” liberal judges have blocked nearly every move this president has made since entering office.  Even when acting within his Constitutionally granted powers, judges have overruled and handcuffed Trump’s ability to protect this nation.  These same liberal judges often do not have to live under the threats that the president is trying to protect us from since they live surrounded by security.  Border agents universally report that border barriers WORK, and every location in which adequate barriers are in place, fewer drugs and humans cross the border.  Nancy Pelosi and others rant that Trump is attempting to confiscate powers that are designated to Congress.  But then it has been years since Congress passed any meaningful legislation on border security or immigration reform.  Under previous presidents, from Clinton through Obama, border barriers (walls) were approved and funded by Democrats.  Suddenly under President Trump barriers are immoral and they are refusing to fund the construction of such barriers.  Several Dems running for president are advocating tearing down existing barriers so we can have completely open borders.  That would be great news for the drug cartels and criminals in general who could cross the border at will and commit whatever criminal acts they desire.  The Dems are deaf, dumb and plain stupid if they believe this is what average Americans want.

National security is the president’s responsibility and President Trump is doing whatever necessary to protect the American public.  We can only imagine what he (Trump) could accomplish with the cooperation of Congress and the Courts.  It is truly a sad day in America when a 29 yr old, loud-mouthed, freshman congresswoman is directing policy in the Democratic party.  Almost every one of the gang of Democrats running for president is going to the far Left to please AOC and her media followers.  The media does not represent the heartland of America and if the Dems insist on following these radical, socialist policies they will lose big time next year.  Nothing could please me more!

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