Predictable Behavior

Tragically the nation has experienced two more mass shootings in the span of less than 24 hours.  In a predictable, knee-jerk reaction Democrats are blaming President Trump and clamoring for additional gun control laws.  Other than banning the manufacture of firearms altogether, there is no way to keep weapons out of the hands of someone determined to harm others.  Obviously the two people who carried out these heinous acts were sick individuals.  Were it possible to fashion legislation to keep “assault” weapons out of the hands of lunatics, these individuals would find some other method of inflicting the intended mass casualties on their target group.  We saw first hand how trucks can kill and injure many and the lessons of 9/11 taught us how deadly the skies can become.  The internet can be a source for building an explosive device or fashioning a chemical or nerve agent.  Politicians will never be capable of creating a completely safe society.  It is ironic how some politicians have demonized law enforcement for their own personal political gain.  Despite being “recorded” and criticized for every action, police continue to perform their assigned roles.  Now we see total disrespect when citizens are emboldened enough to douse officers with water, knowing that spineless politicians will do nothing.  It is these same first responders who rush into these danger zones to save lives and protect us all.  By virtue of their humanity, police officers are not perfect.  They deserve our respect and gratitude for the willingness to risk their lives on a daily basis to keep our communities safe.  The mayor of Dayton, Ohio stated that had the police not been on the scene as quickly (within a minute) as they did, there could have been hundreds of casualties.

Violence has occurred in Democrat and Republican Administrations and I would caution the 2020 Democrat Presidential candidates against blaming President Trump for the latest shootings.  It is incumbent on all of us to report anyone  expressing hate-filled comments toward any individual or group of individuals.  As the old expression goes, where there is smoke there is likely to be fire.  It would certainly be preferable to prevent a tragedy than to deal with it later.  Whether immigration triggered the event in El Paso remains to be determined.  Congress needs to return from their “vacation” and pass some meaningful legislation to address this crisis.  Ignoring it until the 2020 election may encourage another unstable person to take matters into his own hands.

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