Universal pictures is producing a movie based on hunting and killing conservative “deplorables” for sport.  Hollywood has made violent movies for decades yet they blame any mass shootings on the NRA and responsible gun owners.  The NRA represents the right of Americans to protect themselves and their families through gun ownership.  Hollywood is at the top of the liberal media food chain, and they make no secret of their hatred for President Trump and his followers.  They (the media) likely believe that Trump voters are less than human and should be eliminated like some threat to civilization.  In reality it is the liberal Democrats who are the predatory members of our society.  The “hunters” in Hollywood’s latest travesty are wealthy elitists, much like most of the 2020 presidential candidates (who also happen to say they are for the working class).   Indeed, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have made millions in each of the last several years.  They have no more empathy for the poorest of our society than Jeff Bezos.  At a time when our nation just experienced several mass shootings, it is unbelievably irresponsible that ANYONE would consider making such a movie.  And the fact that it is directed against conservatives makes me fighting angry.  I would like to remind the liberals of our society that conservatives make up a greater proportion of gun owners and tend to be more skilled in their use.  If it is a war that they are looking for, I would caution them to be careful what they wish for.

The hypocrisy of a movie based on attacking a particular group of individuals (conservatives) is not lost on me.  The liberal media decried how Hispanics were targeted by the El Paso shooter.  Despite the unfairness of targeting any group for their race, religion or political beliefs, the liberal media intentionally chose to target conservative Trump supporters.  This intentional attempt to intimidate conservatives will only backfire in their collective faces.  Nothing Joaquin Castro or the media can do will ever intimidate me or change my beliefs.  God help anyone who stands in my way on election day; I wasn’t afraid to fight for my country in the past and will do it again!

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