Liberal Nonsense

The liberal Left continually wants to distort the concept of legal immigration with the act of illegal immigration.  The media is complicit with their biased stories that seek to confuse the public’s perception of legal vs illegal immigration.  The Left is unwilling to recognize the distinction between the two and that one involves breaking the laws of our country and potentially threatening our national security.  Those of us who oppose “illegal” immigration are then labeled as racists who hate brown-skinned people.  What we have been seeing on our southern border this year is nothing less than an invasion.  Thousands of migrants have poured across a non-existent barrier in many areas without any vetting.  Many of these individuals could be decent people escaping violence and economic hardship in hopes of a better life.  But they could also be drug smugglers, sex traffickers, gang members or terrorists.  In addition without proper medical exams we don’t know what diseases they may be introducing into the country.  Measles, smallpox and tuberculosis had been virtually eliminated in the U.S. but without the proper medical screening we have no idea what is “entering” the country along with these migrants.  The Left is wrong to believe that conservatives are “anti-immigrant” since we are a nation of immigrants.  Each of us is either an immigrant ourselves or the direct descendent of an immigrant.  We accept approximately one million legal immigrants a year and welcome the cultural diversity and skills that immigrants bring to America.  We are also a nation of laws and must follow those laws or risk chaos.

Another favorite target of the Left is Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the agency responsible for the removal of illegals.  There are not enough resources to remove all illegals so ICE primarily focuses their efforts on illegals who break additional laws or on gang members who have harmed others.  Most parents should welcome the removal of MS13 gang members from their children’s schools and neighborhoods.  Instead the Left is painting ICE as a police force that separates families and destroys the lives of people who have lived in the U.S. for years.  The Left should be focusing their anger and protest on a Congress that has been negligent for years.  Immigration laws are sadly outdated and are being abused daily by the courts and migrants.  Congress has abdicated their responsibility to an even more liberal Judicial system that more often sides with migrants over the safety of the American people.

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