Wanting a Recession

Late night host, Bill Maher and many on the liberal Left are hoping desperately for an economic recession.  These individuals are so warped in their hatred for President Trump that they believe a recession will lead to a Democratic victory in the 2020 presidential election.  Signs are beginning to point to the possibility that such a scenario (as bleak as it would be) is quite possible.  Many economists began crying that the sky was falling before Trump was elected.  Many had predicted that the economy and stock market would crash in the event that Donald Trump was elected president.  As we have all seen, the complete opposite has taken place.  Under President Trump the American economy has exploded and grown at a 3-4% clip.  That growth has been sustained over many quarters and the number of new jobs has also continued to grow beyond the expectations of most.  This has taken place despite President Obama predicting that manufacturing jobs would never return to the U.S.  Obama also famously said that we could not expect more than a 2% growth in GDP without the help of a magic wand.  Although world growth has taken place along with America, no other market has had the extent of growth nor the resiliency of the American market.  The trade war with China is a threat to that growth, but it could benefit the U.S. in the long run.  We could become more competitive with China and make us less dependent on a foreign enemy.  Make no mistake, China is not only our biggest competitor but our greatest enemy.  Their goal is to control us in every manner (economically, militarily and even in deep space).  Europe is slowing and perhaps in a recession already, but our economy is still humming provided we don’t self-destruct.

A large percentage of the American economy is driven by consumer spending.  When consumers are worried (for whatever reason) they have a tendency to spend less.  That especially pertains to large purchases (such as a new car or home) and even affects the rate of dining out.  It is possible to create an atmosphere of fear and thereby slow or even stall the economy through a slowdown in consumer spending.  Prominent politicians, economists and Hollywood stars want this president to fail and if they can drive our thriving economy into the ditch, then they will do so.  These individuals are wealthy enough that a recession would have little impact on their everyday lives.  They have no concern for what a recession could do to the average person.  In today’s world markets a recession in the U.S. would be devastating to the rest of the world.  When America sneezes, the world catches a cold.  The selfish Left is willing to jeopardize the well being of the entire globe because they don’t like our president.  Get over it!  I didn’t like the man who occupied the White House before Trump but I didn’t throw temper tantrums and plot ways to get rid of him.  Our country will only reach its true potential when we all work together.

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